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Please note: due the fast changing nature of the webhosting industry, please contact our Billing or Sales Department for the most up to date costs. For space and bandwidth we generally recommend you upgrade to the next plan, which generally is the most cost effective option.

Space & Bandwidth:
Post-paid Bandwidth - Resellers: $1 per GB per month
Post-paid Bandwidth - Dedicated: $0.50 per GB per month
Post-paid Space - Resellers: $1.00 per GB per month (package upgrade suggested)
Pre-paid and bulk discounts available, please contact sales.

Additional Anti-Spam & Anti-Virus Email Protection:
MailFoundry service: $1.00 per 10 email accounts (per domain)

Script Installation: Cost depends on the script. Please contact sales for more details.

Dedicated Server Addons:
For hardware upgrades please contact sales.
Off-Server Backup: $0.50/GB/month in blocks of 10GB
Softaculous: $24/year
RVSkin: $48/year

Reseller Account IPs: $2.00 per IP per month (justification required).
Dedicated Server IPs: $1.00 per IP per month (justification required).
SSL Certificates: $30.00 for installation and one year of a certificate.

If you do not see something listed, please contact us. Upgrades can be requested by emailing sales [at] Last updated: 01/Oct/2013.
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