Are your servers managed? If so, what is included with that? Print

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All of Idologic's reseller servers and VPS nodes are fully managed. Our dedicated server offerings are typically managed as well either basic management or fully managed.

A fully managed server or a reseller or VPS account on a managed server includes:

  • Kernel, PHP, Apache, Perl, MySQL upgrades and patches;
  • General OS patches;
  • Control panel installation, configuration, updates and patches;
  • Daily backups;
  • Server security management/updates; and
  • Hardware maintenance.

A basic managed dedicated server includes:

  • initial installation of OS, PHP, Apache, Perl, MySQL;
  • Control panel installation; and
  • Hardware maintenance.
Please note that script de-bugging is not included, however, we have been know to help time permitting :) We want you to succeed!

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