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To get started, pick a plan from our current offers at or contact the Sales Department for help choosing the plan that is right for your needs.

Once you have ordered a plan, then we will set it up as soon as possible and will send you your login details by email. Make sure to check your e-mail account for the important account information that will allow you to get started. Please contact the helpdesk if you do not receive this information within 24 hours.

Here are a couple of pointers to get you started:
  1. Once you received your welcome letter you store it in a safe location for future reference. Printing a hard copy and storing it in a secure location is not a bad idea.
  2. The next step is to login and become acquainted with the system. There are many helpful questions and tutorials located throughout the forums and knowledgebase which will be of great assistance. Scan through these articles if you would like to learn more. Do not forget to use that search function; chances are, that we have an article available on it somewhere.
  3. Last but not least, don't be scared to ask for help; our helpdesk is availably 24/7 where one of our staff members can assist you with virtually anything.
How do you start setting up client accounts?

You can specify packages any way you like, you can specify:
  • Diskspace: How many files an account can hold in terms of space.
  • Bandwidth: How many times the site can be accessed limited by amount.
  • Dedicated IP: Only necessary for SSL certificates and you must have a free IP address.
  • Email Accounts/Addon Domains/Parked Domains/etc: These are are all features that cPanel supports. With these fields, you can limit the number of any feature to as little or as many you would like in number.
All accounts, by default, support PHP, Perl/CGI, Python, Ruby on Rails, etc. You can also specify which cPanel skin a site uses, and we recommend either an RVSkin or X3. The RVSkins allow for more limits for customer accounts, offering the chance to upsell or more closely control what your customers can or cannot do.

For information on the free enom account, please contact the helpdesk. Basically, you have the option of choosing a reseller or retail enom account with the lowest .com/.net/.org/.biz/.info/.us registration pricing. The difference is that a retail account cannot have accounts "under it", while a reseller can. A reseller has to fund their account with 100USD that enom keeps and uses towards your registrations. A retail acocunt does not need to deposit anything and can pay for domains by credit card.

As we always like to say, Idologic is available 24/7 x 365 at the helpdesk where we can be reached via email at: support [at] (treat it like a typical email address replacing [at] with @).

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