How to create a new user

Now let's learn how to create a new user

To add a new user to your reseller account, you start by either click the Add New User link here.....

... or click the List Users link here. Let's do that now

Let's go ahead and create a new user... click Create User

This is the main user's page, where all users in your reseller plan are listed

It is from this page that you can create new users, delete existing users, or change a user's password

The username you enter here must be unique to the server... no other user or cusotmer can have the same username

Enter the new user's email address

Enter and re-enter a password

Enter the new user's domain name, without the 'www' prefix

Assign a package to the new user; this will depend on which hosting package the user ordered from you

Scroll down

You must indicate whether this new user's domain is to use a dedicated IP address, or the shared server IP

We currently have no free dedicated IPs in this reseller account, so must select the shared server IP

When finished, click Submit

Scroll down.....

That's it! The new user has been created, and setup in the server

You can enter any notes about this new user here

Then click the Save Comments button

Scroll down.....

This page shows details of the new user we just created

You can change this user's email address or userame from here

Or enter new comments here

Scroll back to the top of the page.....

You can also re-send the user's welcome email from here.....

Click the Home icon here

Click List Users

We can now see that the new user we just created (newuser) is listed with the other users on this page

Click the Home icon here

This is the end of the tutorial. You now know how to setup new users in Direct Admin. Remember you can always return to the Users page to modify existing user's passwords, send them messages, etc.

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